Shonaye Sambo

Belongs to the Kapurn, Wagyl Kaip, South West Boojarah and Wangkatja nations of the Goldfields. Shonaye is a talented young woman who received a scholarship in her younger years attend St. Hilda Anglican School, Perth. Whilst boarding at Saint Hilda Anglican School she was given many opportunities from personal and professional development in education for career pathway.

Shonaye returned to Kalgoorlie with the required skills that allowed her to support the aboriginal community of Kalgoorlie/ Boulder. Shonaye has many talents and has advanced her skills and ideas creating amazing graphic artwork pieces including arts and craft products, administration management, introduction to finance and bookkeeping. In 2017 Shonaye played a major role assisting and supporting three selected young Indigenous girls in Kalgoorlie/Boulder who were trained in Desert Gem modelling project over the duration of five months. The models wore Desert Gem’s  “Nyuwaari” collection as  first time designers in Kalgoorlie Fashion week 2017.

In 2018 Shonaye assisted her mum with a commissioned graphic artwork piece for Horizon Power website August 2019.