Douglas Teo

Business Owner | Photographer | Ex Military Singapore

Currently residing in Perth, Western Australia Douglas, also known as Doug, started with Desert Gem in 2019 with the ambition to uplift the Aboriginal community nationwide. He is known for his work ethic which states, “No such thing as a break if you love what you do…” and he is an absolute kind-hearted individual. Douglas has a side hobby as a photographer in which he loves to teach and educate all people. Douglas’ background in business comes from a Logistics background working in both FMCG and RCG. He is a co-founder of Purpose 4 Life Health Clubs with the aim to eradicate suicide. His dedication is unquestionable but his love for people is even greater. Desert Gem welcome Douglas as a asset and see him as a inspiring, enthusiastic role model to their business and Aboriginal community within the Goldfields, Perth Metro and South West region.